Tenant's Toolkit

Case Study: Tenant Responsibilities

This list is from Radcliffe Housing Society and shows the Tenant's responsibilities in terms of looking after their home

To use the Premises in a tenant-like manner.  This means that you will take all reasonable care not to damage the Premises and any communal areas and any installation.  You are responsible for doing tasks which a tenant is expected to do, such as the following:

  • Repairing smoke alarm (unless the Association fitted them to the mains)
  • Trimming doors for carpets
  • Replacing tap washers
  • Mending breakages
  • Minor cracks in plaster
  • Repairing plugs and chains for baths and basins and toilet seats and lids
  • Repairing clothes posts or driers and lines
  • Repairing electric plugs, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Replacing keys
  • Unblocking kitchen sinks and wash-hand basins
  • Plumbing for washing machines or dishwashers
  • Turning off the water supply if you are going to be away from the Premises for any period longer than a week during the winter.