Tenant's Toolkit

Communication with your Landlord

If you are a tenant, keeping in communication with your landlord is central to a smooth, satisfactory rental period. There can be issues that arise during a tenancy, whether these are problems with the house, your neighbours or the rent, and it is essential that everyone is kept up to date.

Landlords are there to help you in your tenancy, and will be as keen to sort out any problems as you will be to have them sorted. Likewise, landlords will not want to be contacted with every problem, so if it's a minor issue, it may be better to attempt to rectify it yourself.

If you do need to contact your landlord, try to communicate by email or text as much as possible. It can be very useful to have a record of what has been agreed, to avoid miscommunication and to ensure that promised work is delivered on time and without any hidden costs.


Breakages of a landlord's furnishings may be an act of God (such as weather damage in the garden or an external area of a house), things malfunctioning or simply accidents.

If the landlord owns the item in question, it is important they are made aware in the first instance. They can replace broken items and are perfectly aware of the fact that mistakes and breakages happen as a matter of course; it's part of owning a property.

Likewise, if there are more minor breakages to replaceable items - lightbulbs etc - then they don't necessarily need to know. Simply replace the item yourselves or let the landlord know when you see them, should you deem it necessary.