Tenant's Toolkit

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a local welfare benefit which helps working age people on a low income pay their council tax.

There are two types of Council Tax Support:

  • Main Council Tax Support is for people who are on a low income
  • Second Adult Rebate is for people who may not have a partner, but who share their home with someone who is over 18, is on a low income and does not pay rent.

Council Tax Support is means tested. This means that we have to take into account your income, savings and investments when deciding whether you are entitled.

The scheme does not apply to retirement age pensioners who continue to receive the same level of support they would have received had the Council Tax Benefit scheme continued.

For more information go here.

Single Occupancy Discount

You can claim a 25% discount if you are the only adult living in the property or if all but one resident adult are:

  • Full time students, student nurses, apprentices, people on youth training schemes
  • Spouses of overseas students
  • People whose main home is a hospital, care home, hospice, hostel or night shelter
  • Severely mentally impaired
  • 18 or 19 year olds who are at or have just left school
  • Care workers on low pay living with the person receiving care
  • People caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18
  • Members of visiting forces and some international institutions
  • Members of religious communities - each person must have no income except an occupational pension or personal capital
  • People in prison (except those in prison for non-payment of council tax or a fine)
  • People with disabilities - you may be entitled to a reduction if your property has been adapted to meet the needs of a disabled resident.

To apply, complete the online form here.