Tenant's Toolkit

Discretionary Housing Payment

Discretionary housing payments are paid from a limited amount of money that central government gives to Bromley Council every year.

These payments are for residents with special financial or personal circumstances which indicate that they need extra help to pay their rent.  Each case is considered individually and on its own merit. 

A DHP is not automatically awarded because your housing benefit does not cover your rent and is not a benefit. It is a separate payment made at the local authority’s discretion. Payments are usually made for a limited period to assist whilst the claimant seeks a longer-term solution.  This could include obtaining cheaper accommodation, obtaining employment and/or increasing the number of hours worked. See this link for Bromley’s discretionary housing payment policy.

Apply for DHP

When applying, you will need to explain why the payment is needed. Some examples include:

  • financial problems
  • a medical condition
  • the risk of being made homeless
  • impact of changes to benefits  

It is important that all relevant information and evidence is included with your application.

You can apply online for DHP or download and complete the discretionary housing payment application form.