Tenant's Toolkit


If you are being threatened with eviction and meet the financial criteria, you are eligible for support from a solicitor through legal aid. If you need to find a legal aid solicitor near you, use this link.

If you are a private tenant, Shelter has the following information about your rights in relation to eviction:

There are two different eviction notices your landlord can serve when they want to end your tenancy.

Your landlord is allowed to give you both types of notice at the same time.

There are rules they must follow and your landlord must go to court to evict you lawfully.

Section 21

A section 21 notice is the most common way for landlords to end a tenancy. They do not have to give a reason for why they want you to leave.

Section 8

Your landlord must give a legal reason when they give you a section 8 notice. This could be because you have:

  • rent arrears
  • broken the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • You may find more information via the Law Society search engine.

    You can also access help and support at Bromley Citizens Advice.