Tenant's Toolkit

First steps

When you first move into a property, there are a number of things you can do to make your tenancy easier in the long-run:

Get a copy of the inventory taken by the landlord or lettings agent

Inventory reports are important for both the landlord and for you. Both have an interest to get the property’s contents and condition documented for future reference. The two reports, when conducted properly, will clearly show how the property’s changed during your tenancy. If you and your landlord get into a dispute over damages, hygiene or other matters, the inventory will be the most significant piece of evidence.

For more information about the inventory, visit our page here.

An inventory is a report that documents the property, its contents and their condition.

Two identical inventory reports are performed during every tenancy – one before the tenant moves in with their luggage and another one when the tenant moves out with all their belongings. These reports are imperative to both landlords and tenants because they legally benchmark the quality of the property for future reference.

After your tenancy agreement and receipts of rent payment, there is nothing more important than your inventory, as far as documentation goes.

The inventory can also be called by other names, for example:

  • move in / move out inventory, check in / check out inventory, “schedule of condition“, tenancy inventory, etc.

The Tenant’s Voice have a useful article entitled ‘The Tenancy Inventory Check’.