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How to Locate Free Wi-Fi

If you don’t have an internet connection in your home or a smart phone, the easiest way of connecting to the internet is using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. These can be found in most chain restaurants, libraries, shopping centres and community centres.

There are websites that show free wifi locations, you can access one of these sites here.

Connecting to a Hotspot

Here are some quick instructions on how to find and use a free wifi network

To find a free network:

Go to Options > Wi-Fi and look for a Wi-Fi signal without a padlock next to it on the screen (the name will often say “Free Wi-Fi”). Once your device has connected, you may be directed to a login page asking you to register your details. You will only need to do this once, as your device will be remembered on all your following visits.

Note: Be careful not to conduct any confidential activities such as internet banking from a public Wi-Fi hotspot. These connections are insecure and your details could be logged.

Libraries in Bromley

Most libraries will have free internet facilities. However, you may require a username and password to access them.

There is a step-by-step guide to connecting here.

For more details, contact your local library.