Tenant's Toolkit

Share and Care

Share and Care is a home-sharing scheme company which brings together homeowners – generally older and/or disabled people – with 'sharers' happy to live with them and give a little help around the house in exchange for low-cost rent.

  • Sharers agree to give 10 hours of help a week, and must spend the majority of evenings in the home.
  • Sharers and homeowners are both asked to sign a Home License Agreement – these generally last for a year, with a 30-day notice period on both sides. Share and Care says it keeps in regular contact with both parties to ensure the arrangement's working.
  • There's a page of current listings to apply for on the website. The 21 locations advertised at the time of writing include Nottingham, Cambridge and Maida Vale in London (some are for women only).
  • Accommodation varies from single to double rooms, both furnished and unfurnished, and some include a separate bathroom and living room for the sharer.

The monthly rent you pay depends on where the property is. The set fees below are paid to Share and Care (not the homeowner, who also has to pay fees to the company) – you may have to contribute to council tax on top:

  • In London: £180/month (incl VAT)
  • London suburbs and other cities: £150/month (incl VAT)
  • In rural areas: £120/month (incl VAT)