Tenant's Toolkit

Supporting your Tenant

Identifying where tenants need extra help and referring to local services is part of a long term approach to tenancy management and can help vulnerable tenants sustain independent living alongside providing significant savings for Landlords.

Eviction and associated costs can be significant. You can avoid any such costs by working with your tenants to reach a mutual agreement.

There are local & national support organisations that can be contacted to access the appropriate support for both Tenant and Landlord

How to Support Tenants

  • Regular contact with the tenant can help, either by phone or by making regular visits to the property
  • Tenants may be unaware of simple tips to maintain the property. Consider linking them to the Tenant section of this website.
  • There is support in your local area, to identify what services exist locally (both statutory and voluntary sectors) and you can make referrals to these services.

For more information on the local support that you can access to help your Tenant, go to the Support Section in this Toolkit (internal link here).