Tenant's Toolkit

Top Tips for Landlords

  • Check out any prospective tenant by asking for references and carrying out a credit check. Discuss any issues of concern with your prospective tenant before letting the property.
  • As part of the vetting process obtain a tenant’s date of birth, national insurance number, make, model and registration number of any vehicle they own and are likely to keep at the premises, details of next of kin or close friend to be contacted in an emergency.
  • Consider obtaining a Guarantor for the rent and ensure that any guarantee given is for the entire period that the tenant occupies the premises.
  • Meet your tenants in person and maintain good open communication with your tenants. Speak to them and visit the premises on a regular basis (but not oppressively) and build up a rapport with them if possible. In doing so try and identify any issues or problems before they develop into something worse.
  • Respond promptly to any request from the tenant to undertake repairs and explain to the tenant if in fact it is not your responsibility for the repair.